My first Heritage Makers designs

Well I finally got a Blog! I decided that I wanted to share with you something so awesome that I am growing to love more everyday! I had only stared scrapbooking 4 years ago and I was behind then and I’m behind now. But I love that therapeutic creative outlet scrapbooking gave me. I would sometimes consider going to digital scrapbooking because:
1. I hated getting out and putting my things away, it seemed so time consuming, but I didn’t want my kiddies getting into my paper or worse my scissors!
2. It was always so frustrating when I was almost done but I really wished my picture was a different size or black and white. (We live over a half hour from the closest Walmart Photo Center)
3. I was always disappointed when I had papers or embellishments in my scrapbooking stuff that I didn’t think I would ever use.
4. I was even more disappointed when I had bought the paper or embellishment I wanted to use but I couldn’t find them!
When I was first introduced to Heritage Makers I thought to myself this is easy, this is affordable, and this is exactly what I’m looking for! I signed up as a client and here are some things I designed that first week:
My testimony for You 5×7 greeting card

You are Mine (baby) 12×12 scrapbook page

I signed up as a consultant just so I could submit my designs in template gallery that would open a month later. These ones were not chosen, two of my other designs were (I’ll list them in another post.) But I realized that this company and these products are so much more than really cool scrapbooking, they are a way for me to teach you how to preserve pictures, record stories, and SHARE HERITAGE!


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