Life stories

My Grandpa Sanders has been gone for about 13 years and Grandma for 5. I decided recently that I need to tell that story NOW before we loss any more information. Thanks to Judy, Jolene(my Aunts who keep the pictures and stories) and a High speed scanner, I scanned over 5000, pictures, letters, cards and scrapbook pages in 2 days. These are some of the pictures I scanned. I am now realizing how little this pictures will mean to my kids if I don’t tell them the stories about how Aunt Judy and Grandpa Sanders flew hot air balloons, or When G. Grandma And G Grandpa got married during war times she wore a blue suit dress. What about Randy? He passed away at 18 month with Cerebral Palsy.

Writing their life story, with out their input has been one of the most difficult and yet rewarding things I’ve ever done. What old pictures do you have? Do you want help Scanning them? what stories are not being told? Whats your love story? Who’s your real hero? Why? Are there people who you need to interview before you lose them? I will help you get started, take those first steps, now if you want to, before its to late and the people, pictures and memories are gone.

After I am done writing and publishing their story I’ll post it here. I have 1 more moth to have it done before his 90th birthday.


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