We’re going to Reunion, So lets make a sale out of it!

Every year Heritage Makers has a big Company Convention, We call it “Reunion.” This year we are going to Las Vegas, where Heritage Makers will announce to us all of the new products, tell us about fun upgrades, and we have an absolute blast with each other! (I love Book Look! Just seeing what all of the other consultants have made, Think show-and-tell!) Since we are going to have these great SURPRISE Products that will be announced in just over a week, our sale right now needed to rival all that’s in store!

SO the BIG pre-Reunion Special is…… Greeting Cards! These are so fun! Think Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Thank yous, Party invitations, and Wedding invitations. As with all the products you create with Heritage Makers, Customized it an understatement! I love that I can put 2 or 7 Family pictures, my family newsletter, and our current contact information into such a CLASSY Christmas card for so inexpensive!

And don’t forget Direct Shipping! After all of that, I really can make it just how I want it, You have the choice to have it shipped to any address you put into the address book. That means they print, fold and stuff the cards into high quality envelopes that have your address and your recipients address printed in a nice font on the out side, a real stamp is added and then it goes into the mail! Wow!


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