The Five Minute Greeting Card

It’s true. In just five minutes you can create the perfect greeting card, complete with pictures and personalized text. It’s really that easy.

To start:
1. Go to the Heritage Makers Template Gallery.
2. Choose one greeting card template from the hundreds available.
3. Your template automatically goes into your Studio account.
4. Add pictures.
5. Add text.

And you’re finished! You can send greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, or simply just because. In 5 minutes, you can make someone’s day with a stunning greeting card.
And don’t forget about direct shipping. This holiday season you don’t need to battle the elements to get your cards to the post office. Direct ship your cards through Heritage Makers system. You can easily do this in checkout.

You can create cards for many different occasions. Take a look:

Hanukkah Card
designed by Holly Hunter

Birthday Card Grandparent
designed by Julie Riesgraf

Thank you
designed by Dianne Pabst

Blue Christmas Card
designed by Shara and David Darke

This was an exert from the “Stories and More” E-newsletter that’s sent out monthly by Heritage Makers. If you’d like to register for this newsletter and create a free account go to and click sign up in the top right and submit your request. You’ll love all of the info on there!


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