Name Blocks

So I’m not that crafty. I’m related to crafty people, I like to be creative, but Yeah I’m not crafty, So I’ve been worried about this day. Its been months in the making but I talked myself into buying Mod Podge. I told everybody all the cool things Mod Podge could do, and now, months later. I did it. And it was FUN! I made name blocks for Christmas gifts, and people LIKE it! I’m so happy, look what I did. So I have been studying this Mod Podge thing for a while and I think I have it now. Here are the steps to do what I did:

I went to and logged in (if you haven’t done this yet do it! You’ll be glad you did!) I went to the Template Gallery and found “brielle name blocks” template

Click details

Click get this template

Click Edit

change the letters and paper colors so it looks how ever you want it to I put 2 names on the page. Email me ( if you have any questions with this part, I love helping in studio! Hit publish and pay for shipping.

Then I talked my husband into making blocks and painting them white (he just got a sander that week so I didn’t ask for that, isn’t he wonderful!)

I cut out the letters, matched them up trim them to size, if necessary, pause to take pictures just like any good blogger

I had an extra block and a scrap of paper so I did a test run: Mod Podge, paper, Mod Podge, let it dry. Oops big bubble in the middle and corner turned up, go get scraper for the next one. Ok this is for real, Mod Podge, paper, scrape gently, pose for camera, wait.


One more layer of Mod Podge on the top, concentrating on the edges, pose for camera, wait.

Ta-Da! Merry Christmas Zoe!

Vwa-La! Merry Christmas Janine!


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