NPC Classes

I’ve had some concerns from people who want to start preserving their stories and pictures, but they were worried about:
* Not having access to high speed internet
* Remembering to work on the project regularly
* Needing extra help as thy get started
* Needing help all the time because they are unfamiliar with a computer

I wanted to help with each of those in a fun group environment and so I decided that I would teach “Digital Scrapbooking” and “Storybook your Heritage” at the local Community College, NPC. I have been teaching these classes at NPC for a year now and have enjoyed seeing each persons projects and all of their consistent progress. I am so excited this year as most of my classes will have 6 or more students. We meet in a computer lab once a month in the evenings. Since there are many little towns in the area, I’ve decided to teach at several campuses as a convenience to my students. The Spring 2010 semester start for me this week with Show Low and Holbrook with Winslow and Snowflake in the next 2 weeks. To sign up for the $20 non-credit class please call NPC. If you have any questions please contact me at


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