It’s a Scanning Party!

I’m having a Scanning Party! I’ve reserved a high speed scanner for 2 weeks in February and I want to help you get your pictures scanned too! So what we are going to do is let you bring 25 pictures and $5 and we will get those pictures digital! (Please bring a flash drive or $1 for a CD) I’ll supply the snacks! RSVP and Directions at Shari @ sharingheritage. com

Why Scan? Are your photos secure? Easily accessible? Can you share all of your photos and memories with your family? Or are your photos “stored” in an old shoe box in the back of the closet?

My scanning service makes it possible to put all your printed pictures onto the computer and straight into Studio so you can build beautiful projects you can share with your family for years to come with out having to hassle with scanning it yourself.

* Peace of mind knowing your photos are safe from fire and water.
* An easy way to share your photos with all of your family.
* A way to get your photos onto the computer ready for projects.

With traditional flatbed scanning, you could spend as many as 6 hours to scan 100 photos. The same amount of pictures can be scanned with HM in only 20 minutes! That’s a huge time difference. The more you scan, the more time you save. In fact, if you scanned 1,000 pictures, you would save more than 62 hours! Save time and money, since I offer one of the lowest prices in the industry.

So come! Let me show you haw easy this can be If you want to do more we’ll pick a date to get them all done! See you there!


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