Classes and Videos

Storybooking is a new concept to a lot of people. In an effort to share the best thing I’ve ever done with my pictures and the stories behind them I want you to see all they ways you have training as you begin your storybooking adventure.

Announcing, The Sharing Heritage YouTube Channel where you can view my first effort to make a video “Storybooking in my Home” as well as Some of my favorite Heritage Makers company videos.

There are live and archived classes that you can participate in or watch you hap you become a Heritage Studio Master. When you create a Free account at you get:

  • 1 GB of Photo Storage space
  • Photo archival
  • over 2000 pieces of Studio art
  • over 300 templates
  • Heirloom Assurance
  • Updates on specials and events
  • Live online classes and tutorials
  • Me, Your Personal Publishing Consultant

I can’t wait to help you Get your pictures off of your cameras and into your home where they belong! Welcome to storybooking!


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