Standing on a Corner….

… In Winslow Arizona!

We have some fun events coming up in the city of Winslow for fun and for assistance as you begin your story booking journey!

This Saturday, Aug 20 · 5 – 6pm, over at Bojo’s (113 W 2nd St., Winslow, AZ), we are having a Storybooks and Scanning Workshop. Come for fun, come for food and more important an intro on how to share your pictures!

Many of my friends love taking our college classes offered through Northland Pioneer College. Our Fall semester classes at Winslow NPC (Little Colorado campus) start on August 25th and run every other Thurs 6-8:30 pm. We learn tips and, more exciting, work on our projects and get them done! We always have such a fun group. Enrolling is easy so do it now! Call NPC registration at 1-800-266-7845. It’s a non credit course, $25 fee per semester. Digital Scrapbooking HCT099X 95178


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