Getting Started

When I started with the company I had only been scrapbooking  for 4 years.  I was behind then and I’m behind now… but I love it.  I think of making these beautiful projects as both therapeutic and a creative outlet.

When I was first introduced t0 Heritage Makers I thought, “This is easy, affordable, and exactly what I’m looking for!”  First I signed up as a client.

In the first week I designed:

  • My Testimony for You 5×7 greeting card
  • I Love You, Daughter 12×12 scrapbook page
  • You are Mine (baby) 12×12 scrapbook page

It didn’t take me long to sign up as a consultant — at first only so I could submit my designs to the template gallery. It didn’t take me long to realize that these products are so much more than really cool scrapbooking…. Heritage Makers opened the door to my passion for teaching others how  to preserve pictures, record stories and SHARE HERITAGE!


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