I took the picture, didn’t I?

I thought my job was to just take the pictures, isn’t that what the mom’s job is? I had good intentions of scrapbooking them, I bought the paper, stickers and such. but I barely got the pictures labeled. Today I was looking at my new baby girl and I realized just how thankful I am that I DID label them, she looks just like her sister and brothers did at this age…

I know you are busy, but please remember that as a Mom you are the one who can let your kids know that they were important to you from the first time you saw them.

Side note: Anyone want to guess who’s who?

Judy’s baby book


4 thoughts on “I took the picture, didn’t I?

  1. What cute kids! And I totally agree that we have to label the photographs and make each child their books. I know my kids love all of theirs.

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