Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!

Most of my favorite memories with Grandma are from when she lived in Fresno at the A frame home. I always thought it was so cool that I could touch the roof! There were other things that I loved there: the tree house out back, the long steps out the back door, the piano in the living room and the lady bugs outside during the summer. When I was about 12, I came and stayed with Grandma for about a week. I felt so special that I could go without all my family. We made top of the stove cookies together. I remember watching her sew. We would go to the Balloon Warehouse and she’d let me pick out marbles, those may be the only marbles I ever owned. I loved how the house was so “out in the country” (like my house now.) There were goats in the field a ways back from the house and I took a walk every day up the road to the pretty horse at the end. Grandma would give me carrots before I left to feed her. I remember picking black berries and Grandma made syrup with them we had it over ice cream while it was still warm.

I encourage you to write some of your favorite memories of your favorite people, it may just become the beginning of a book!

click here to read 100 Reasons I love you (from my Mom to her Mom)

Grandma’s childhood


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