Happy New Year!

I’m so excited for NOW! August seems like a January to me a a whole new year, well new school year. I’ve got an interesting combo of kids that will be going  to school this year: A kindergartener, a 3rd grader and a Junior in High School. Lil’ Miss 3rd Grader is SO ready to get back into action (cutest thing ever, she cried and cried on the last day of school last year, over her friend who is going to be home schooled this year, my social butterfly thought that would just be devastating to not see her buddies 5 days a week.) Lil’ Mr K has announced that he was going to Kindergarten for almost a year! The last of the school going bunch is our Exchange student from Sweden, she’ll be arriving in town this week and we are all thrilled!! My focus will be shifted away from my blog and social networks for a few weeks as weeks as we make the family adjustments. That leaves us 2 little ones at home for the school year… I’m so grateful to be working at home and I’m immensely grateful to you for supporting me in  my business so I can continue to do so!
So to Make sure you’re in the loop with Heritage Makers here’s the summary :

  • August newsletter, there’s an option to subscribe in the bottom left
  • 10% off item for the month is the 12×12 storybook!!! I’m making our summer Disneyland trip in the 12×12, almost done!
  • HM Photo manager has been upgraded
  • 6 new art collections

    new art added monthly included in your club HM http://www.SharingHeritage.com


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