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Do you have digital pictures just sitting on the camera or hard drive? Who doesn’t?  Family, friends and neighbors alike are going to want to know about Heritage Makers ~ an awesome new Storybooking Company that’s leading the way in one of the fastest growing new fads around!

Imagine a company that not only offers solutions for printed pictures, family stories, digital pictures but assists with home decorating, self-esteem and bringing families closer together.

Digital storybooking is a fun and exciting new industry! You may be interested in joining us as we bind families together through the power of story. We help so many people discover the joy and influence of sharing their stories and their pictures in their own homes. This is something to be passionate about. You’ll find it highly rewarding—both financially and emotionally.  

You’re going to love the perks:

  • Being part of a company with the powerful mission of preserving family legacies and strengthening relationships.
  • Not a startup – this company is tried, tested and thriving
  • Track record of excellent support and training
  • No inventory, no delivery
  • You chose your rewards: earn bonuses, promotions and trips!
  • Strong support and training
  • You are the boss: YOU decide when, how, where and with whom you work.
  • Experience personal growth as you lead and inspire others
  • Spend your work hours doing something rewarding and FUN

If you are ready to start your storybooking business, pick the kit that will be best for beginning your business hereBetter yet, stop what you’re doing and shoot me an email!

If you have additional questions, let me know and I’ll be glad to get you the information you need to see if this is the right fit for you!

Join my team and strengthen your family through the power of story!