Fan Raves

“I just had to write and say thanks for making me look good this Christmas! I got RAVE reviews and big time thank yous for the swatch books that I made with Heritage Makers. They were SO easy to make and they made everyone so happy!” ~ Dana W.



“I have never been a scrapbooker. I have hated the cutting, the buying of special paper and doo dads, the coming up with a concrete idea in order to purchase those items. Then they are not cheap, then there are the storage of all those items. I was not wanting to have a whole room dedicated just to scrapbooking. Then there is the time that is takes to cut, glue and arrange, and Heaven forbid that your kids get a hold of your precious scissors or pictures. I just never did scrapbooking and I knew that when my kids were grown up they were going to think that I did not enjoy the memories or just did not love them. Now I am no longer the bad mom, I don’t have stacks of little plastic drawers full of doo dads and thingies all over the house. I just upload photos and go – if I don’t like it I just change it and I have not killed a fancy tree and wasted money in my inability to commit to a theme. Best of all, I DON’T HAVE TO CUT – I hate cutting and I will never have to do it again!!!! Thank you Heritage Makers.” ~ Jess B.


“My mom and I have always had a connection to playing cards. My nana, her mother, taught me to play solitaire and how to shuffle (the fancy way). My mom and I love playing cards together and with my brother too. Rummy, Skip Bo and many others. The other thing she cannot get enough of is pictures. Now mainly of her grandkids (my niece and nephew). I have had the honor of meeting Shari through online groups and we hit it off. Then when I found out what her product was I thought this is going to be the best Mother’s Day present ever! My mom loved it. To say she was thrilled is an understatement. So now thanks to Shari and Heritage Makers she has a personalized deck of cards with family photos on it. She already said she cannot wait to show it off.” ~ Sarah M.


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