Scanning Services

Do you have boxes, drawers, bins and closets full of printed pictures?

Photos are so susceptible to damage from time, temperature, sunlight, acidity, moisture and more! You can gain peace of mind knowing your pictures are safe by getting them digital.

Digital pictures are so much easier to share with those who need to see them.

With traditional flatbed scanning, you could spend as much as six hours scanning 100 photos—more time than most of us have to devote. But I can scan the same number of photos in about 10 minutes.

Time saver? Oh yeah.

And the more you scan, the more time AND money you save. In fact, if you scan 1,000 pictures, you save more than 62 hours!  The industry average for scanning is $.59 per scan. But my Scan Express prices are even better.

Take a look!

0 – 99      $ .39 per scan
100 – 499      $ .29 per scan
500+      $ .19 per scan

While setting up and preparing your pictures for scanning don’t forget to include kids’ artwork, certificates, greeting cards, love letters, movie tickets, reports, and more.

You’ll be so glad you did!

Email me today to find out how to get started scanning your pictures!